News Flash!!!

Want to adopt a greyhound?   Here are some facts you should know!

  • Currently there is a shortage of adoptable former racing greyhounds right now.  7 of Florida’s 11 greyhound racetracks have already discontinued racing.  Greyhounds from these tracks have either moved into adoption groups nationwide or a small amount went on to race in other states.  
  • Initially we acquired all of our greyhounds from the Melbourne Greyhound Park.  When they discontinued racing in January 2020, we were able to receive greyhounds from the Sanford  Orlando track.  The Sanford Orlando track ended racing in March 2020 and all greyhounds there have gone into adoption in other states or continue racing.  GPA Central Floriada managed to arrange shipment of over 80 greyhounds to adoption groups in 2020. 
  • Presently we are only getting an occasional “Return” greyhound that has been “situationally” returned.  Virtually all returned greyhounds are due to divorce, foreclosures, owners going into assisted living and other similar situations.  In other words, these returns are not due to the greyhounds themselves.
  • If you are not located in Brevard or Indian River Counties, you can find the closest greyhound adoption group near you at the greyhound project website  
  • If you live in Brevard or Indian River Counties, please contact us to find out more information on adopting at 321-242-9010.  We do not have a kennel and accept retired racers into our adoption program on a limited basis. 
  • Florida adoption groups have always shipped greyhounds to groups all over the US for adoption.    
  • Please apply at your local group but plan to be patient.

gpacf-teal-logoAbout our Group!!!

Greyhound Pet Adoptions of Central Florida (GPACF) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the placement of greyhounds into qualified, caring and loving homes or the shipment to other qualified adoption agencies in non-racing states. Greyhounds make excellent Pets and will amaze you with their kind, loving, calm nature. These “Gentle Giants” will leave paw prints on you heart.

GPACF is located on Florida’s Central East Coast often referred to as the Space Coast since we are in the Shadow of the Kennedy Space Center. Our primary objective is the placement of retired racing greyhounds. Since our greys are in fast company, they are eager to become 45 mph couch potatoes.  GPACF primarily adopts greyhounds in the Brevard and Indian River Counties.


You can help our organization by mailing donations to the address below or