Senior Boy Looking for a Forever Home

Secret Text

AKA “Vader”

Hi My race name was “Secret Text”.  I was born in April of 2007. When I was adopted back in 2009 my new owners called me “Vader” and I thought that was cool cause I was a Star Wars fan and being a black boy I liked the name. 

  For 9 years I thought everything was going fine;  but then I heard my new owners had decided on a Divorce.  I was not happy as I did not get a vote and could not take them to court.  They took me back to my friends at the adoption group I am now looking for my forever home.     I have had a nice bath, had my teeth cleaned and nails trimmed so I am ready to go.  I might seem old to some but I still get around fine. Please, please help me.  I am needing a new home. “

 If you would like come and meet me, please contact the Dennis Tyler at Greyhound Pet adoptions.  He can be reached at 321-242-9010 or cfgpa@cfl.rr.com .




GPA Central Florida updates this page as candidates for adoption become available.  If you are interested in learning more about adoption, please contact us at 321-242-9010 or email us  cfgpa@cfl.rr.com