Interested in Adopting a Greyhound?

Our Adoption Package Includes:

  •  Spayed or Neutered Greyhound
  •  All Shots Updated
  •  Teeth Cleaned
  •  Heartworm Tested
  •  Loan of a portable crate for a week
  •  Nylon leash & friendly choker
  •  Snap Collar with  ID Tag
  •  Informational Folder
  •  Cost of Adoption – $230.00
    Applicants must be able to provide a loving home and we require a home visit to insure a smooth transition.
  • GPACF Application:  application  (must have Adobe PDF to read and download)
  • Want more information?  Check our  owners-manual

Adoption Process:

Want to Adopt

  • Adopters need to live within 40 to 50 miles from Melbourne Florida so we can help if needed after adoption.  If you live outside our adoption area, please to “The Greyhound Project” ( where all adoption agencies in the nation are listed state by state.
  • Our adoption fee is $230 to help offset the cost of spay or neuter, dental cleaning, heartworm testing, preventative worming as well as providing a collar and lead set for greyhounds.
  • Adopters will also need a crate suitable for greyhounds to facilitate the transitions from track life to home life.  We can provide them for $80 each.
  • All adoptions require a home visit where we can verify the home will provide a safe environment for a greyhound as well as discussing all the differences with greyhound adoption.
  • You can download the  adoption application
  • You will need to call us and set up a home visit at 321-242-9010

Greyhound Facts:

  • Age- greyhounds placed through the GPA program are usually between 2 years and five years old.
  • Exercise/Space – Although greyhounds enjoy a good walk or an occasional area to run, they do not require a lot of space. Inside the house they enjoy curling up in a corner.
  • Life Expectancy – These pure bred athletes enjoy many years of good health. With proper care, they have a life expectancy of twelve or more years.
  • Feeding/Cost – Greyhounds require a good quality high protein food. The primary ingredient must be a protein (beef, chicken, turkey, lamb). The dry food must be moistened with water at feeding time. The cost for feeding is approx. $1.00 a day