Interested in Adopting a Greyhound?

Our Adoption Package Includes:

  •  Spayed or Neutered Greyhound
  •  All Shots Updated
  •  Teeth Cleaned
  •  Heartworm Tested
  •  Loan of a portable crate for a week
  •  Nylon leash & friendly choker
  •  Snap Collar with  ID Tag
  •  Informational Folder
  •  Cost of Adoption – $230.00
    Applicants must be able to provide a loving home and we require a home visit to insure a smooth transition.
  • GPACF Application:  application  (must have Adobe PDF to read and download)
  • Want more information?  Check our  owners-manual

Greyhound Facts:

  • Age- greyhounds placed through the GPA program are usually between 2 years and five years old.
  • Exercise/Space – Although greyhounds enjoy a good walk or an occasional area to run, they do not require a lot of space. Inside the house they enjoy curling up in a corner.
  • Life Expectancy – These pure bred athletes enjoy many years of good health. With proper care, they have a life expectancy of twelve or more years.
  • Feeding/Cost – Greyhounds require a good quality high protein food. The primary ingredient must be a protein (beef, chicken, turkey, lamb). The dry food must be moistened with water at feeding time. The cost for feeding is approx. $1.00 a day